Supporting Projects in Waterproofing and Home Repair



There are many supporting jobs we undertake, because we want satisfied customers and happy neighbourhoods.


Neighbours often walk by and review our teams working, then sometimes they stop and talk. In fact, on two consecutive days this summer, people approached us many, many times. First they brought quick questions, and we were glad to take a few seconds to answer. Further, a few asked if we could help them. And so finally, several inquiries opened new projects in Cobourg, Belleville and Brighton, in Northumberland, Ontario.



And so, we have the mission to aid home owners and their surrounding neighbourhoods. We solve problems related to driveways, water flow, damp-proofing and waterproofing.  A neighbour requested us to review a leak from a depression in a driveway against the house.  Another neighbour had a sagging eavestrough. It was disconnected from the house with water pooling and overflowing above where the concrete foundation had a crack. (Click here to visit Wikihow, and learn some ways to fix sagging eavestroughs)  And yet another neighbour showed us a sump pump with very poor discharge performance. We resolved that by installing a new discharge system.


Indeed, in foundation waterproofing, projects often require additional considerations. Adjustment of stairs, or sometimes a removal of a basement wall, or removal of a patio concrete slab. Beyond these, according to home owner requests, we will look at other related needs. For example, when an estimator visits a site, he or she may consider needs involving cisterns, parging, fences, re-sealing asphalt, installing sonotubes where an old deck was torn down and home owner plans to rebuild a new deck, etcetera.


We provide quotes very quickly. Depending on team availability, our teams and equipment manager may assign a local parallel team within hours.

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Supporting Projects

Neighbours often walk by and review our teams working, then sometimes they stop and talk. In fact...