Interior Waterproofing Wraps

The team at Quick Fix Waterproofing updates our processes and materials regularly.


Our specific processes for interior waterproofing has improved significantly in 2022, after doing a comparative audit, cooperating with multiple waterproofers across Ontario.


We have worked with different waterproofing product manufacturers to know what works the best in our region, and to offer customers high quality workmanship and products, and finish it off with great service.

Interior waterproofing in a cold room.

A customer’s interior cold room.

Here are some of the steps in waterproofing with an interior solution.


Interior waterproofing wraps begin by exposing the footer under the concrete floor, using a jackhammer on floor for about 12 inches.


The material, typically gravel but sometimes dirt, (sometimes a second, earlier poured cement floor is found) is removed from beside the wall’s footer.


The trench beside the footer has a big-O weaping tile installed with gravel, on a slight slope across the distance, to allow gravity draining to the sump pump.   The remainder of the trench is filled with gravel, allowing water to pass easily to the big-O.


The floor is restored with new concrete over the gravel. The new concrete is finished to blend with the existing floor as smoothly as possible.

We may apply an additional finishing on the concrete, depending on the existing floor, to be discussed with customer.

The completed interior wrap permanently seals the area, and redirects water out of the house. verified by homestars

Our waterproofing work is covered by a lifetime warranty, and we strive for high customer satisfaction.

HomeStars has confirmed us as a HomeStars Verified waterproofer, to provide additional trust.

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