Repairing Cracks in Poured Foundations

Concrete crack


Our crack repairs use an industry-leading sealant.  The process and quality competes far above the standard sealant and process of others doing repairs in Northumberland and Hastings Counties.


Spring 2022, we have completed a number of repairs on cracks that were treated recently by home owners.  The process may “look easy”, to a DIY-er.  We have developed expertise.  We fix cracks quickly, with the right knowledge and right approach, without need to repeat the work, and it allows to bring effective savings, to our customers.



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Quick Fix Waterproofing Services



Interior Waterproofing

Interior waterproofing wraps begin by exposing the footer under the concrete floor...


Exterior Waterproofing

Wraps on the exterior begin with a review of buried cables and lines. The foundation is excavated...


Crack Repair

Our crack repair system uses an industry-leading product and process...


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Neighbours often walk by and review our teams working, then sometimes they stop and talk. In fact...