Wet Basement Waterproofing in Cobourg and Port Hope, Ontario

Rapid-response waterproofing for home owners and building contractors in Cobourg, Port Hope, and large surrounding areas.


Members of our team come from both Cobourg and Port Hope and area, and have contributed to community events and locations, i.e. Waterfront Festival, involvement with the Nawautin Nature Sanctuary, and music in Victoria Hall.


We have completed projects, and we provide reliable and expanding services in Port Hope, north to Garden Hill, Campbellcroft, Bewdley, and north of Rice Lake.  Also Baltimore, Camborne, Cold Springs, Alderville and Roseneath, Gores Landing and Harwood, east toward Grafton, Centerton and approaching Colborne.  We service other regions of Northumberland.


Many and frequent geographic changes create a lot of different sub-regions, for water flow during spring thaws.


Many foundations were found crack, leading to consistent calls during spring and summer 2022.


Beyond cracked foundation repairs, and interior waterproofing and exterior waterproofing service by our team, we can provide additional services like patio slab restoration, stampcrete, etc.

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