Wet Basement Solutions in Belleville, Ontario

We provide quick estimates and quality waterproofing service for homeowners and building contractors in Belleville and area.


We have done many projects, within Belleville, and we provide reliable and expanding services north into Foxboro and south to Bayside.  Also Bay View, Cannifton.  We service other regions of Hastings County.


Many and frequent geographic changes create a lot of different sub-regions, for water flow during spring thaws.


We service all cracked foundations, interior waterproofing and exterior waterproofing needs. We can provide additional services like stampcrete, patio slab restoration, etc.


We do rapid-response waterproofing for home owners and building contractors in Belleville region. We have completed several west of of the city, and within the city, in February through May. Now in June, we have a few more ongoing.